Drug Discovery Positions - Chemistry and Biology

NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a Biotechnology company with a breakthrough approach for growing "unculturable" microorganisms in the laboratory. These bacteria and fungi will be used as source material for the development of new antibiotics and other therapeutics. Our rapidly growing company is seeking creative and energetic individuals to join our research and development team.

NovoBiotic provides competitive benefits, health insurance, and 401K plan and is an equal opportunity employer.

Please respond with a cover letter, salary requirements, and resume (as a single formatted word processing document) to:

For more information: www.novobiotic.com

Bioanalytical Chemist Natural Product Drug Discovery

We are seeking to hire an experienced Chemist whose principle responsibility will be the isolation, purification, and structural elucidation of organic substances derived from microbial cultures. Demonstrated experience in chromatographic separations, LC-MS, and NMR techniques is REQUIRED.

Experience the following areas is desirable:

  • Working knowledge of HPLC, LC/MS, NMR, and other techniques in structural elucidation
  • Chemistry-related employment in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry
  • Experience in early-stage drug discovery in anti-infectives
  • Solvent partition and solid phase extraction technology
  • Bioassay-guided fractionation
  • Natural Product Drug Discovery

Minimum requirements: B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. degree in chemistry with 2-10 years of experience.

Please respond with a cover letter, including salary requirements, and Resume in a single wordprocessing document to:

Salary commensurate with experience. NovoBiotic provides competitive benefits, health insurance, and 401K plan and is an equal opportunity employer.

For more information: www.novobiotic.com


Additional applicants in the following areas are encouraged

NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals is a growth company and will consider additional applicants in the following areas:

  • Microbiology - isolation and culture of bacteria and fungi, bioassay, MIC, MOA
  • Scale-Up and Fermentation of bacterial and fungal cultures
  • Analytical Chemistry, HPLC, LC-MS, NMR, Structural elucidation
  • Antibiotic Drug Discovery
  • Natural Product Drug Discovery