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Dallas Hughes, Ph.D., President
Dr. Hughes has over 26 years of experience in preclinical research and development, microbiology, and drug discovery. His experience in natural products has resulted in the discovery and preclinical development of several novel drug candidates. Prior to joining NovoBiotic Dr. Hughes was a Sr. V.P. at Cetek Pharmaceuticals.


Losee Ling, Ph.D., V.P. of Research and Development
Dr. Ling has extensive experience in pathogen genetics, microbiology, and screening for novel antimicrobial agents. She has led multi-disciplinary teams from assay development to lead optimization, screening both synthetic small molecules and natural products. Prior to NovoBiotic Dr. Ling was at Genome Therapeutics, Waltham, MA for over 10 years.


Amy Spoering, Ph.D., Director of Biological Research
Dr. Spoering is responsible for the development and evaluation of new methodologies and technologies at NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals. She also supervises the microbiology and fermentation facility. Her doctoral research investigated the molecular mechanisms of bacterial tolerance to antibiotics.

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Aaron Peoples, M.S., M.B.A., Director of Chemistry
Mr. Peoples joined NovoBiotic after his graduate work at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he studied protein folding by synthesizing small peptidic model systems. His background in advanced NMR techniques and analytical separations are vital to the drug discovery process within the company. Mr. Peoples also has an extensive background in natural product isolation and characterization.


Kim Lewis, Ph.D., Co-founder
Dr. Lewis is a specialist in multi-drug resistance and drug discovery. He is University Distinguished Professor of Biology and Director of Antimicrobial Discovery Center at Northeastern University.  Dr. Lewis is the co-inventor of the method for growing unculturable bacteria that forms the core of NovoBiotic's intellectual property.  

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Slava Epstein, Ph.D., Co-founder
Dr. Epstein is a specialist in environmental microbiology. He is Professor of Biology at Northeastern University. Together with Dr. Lewis, Dr. Epstein co-invented the method to grow unculturable microorganisms. Dr. Epstein developed innovative methods for enumeration of marine microorganisms, their in situ study and their molecular diversity. 

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NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals Scientific Advisory Board

Stanley Falkow, Ph.D., Stanford University, Member of the National Academy of Sciences, is an expert in infectious diseases.

Arnold L. Demain, Ph.D., Drew University, Member of the National Academy of Sciences, is an expert in antiinfectives.

Jon Clardy, Ph.D., Academic Director, Initiative for Chemical Genetics, Harvard University, is an expert in natural product chemistry. 

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