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Formulation Scientists - Preclinical Drug Development

 1 and 2 year formulation scientist positions are available. The formulation scientists will explore different formulation vehicles and approaches to increase the solubility of peptide-based drugs and prevent gelation in serum from multiple species (including human).  New formulations will be used to assess efficacy of antibiotics in a rabbit model of tuberculosis using parenteral delivery.  Competitive candidates should have a strong formulation background with biologics.  Ph.D. level preferred with a degree in biochemistry, chemistry, chemical and biological engineering, material science or related fields.

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Applicants in the following areas are also encouraged.

  • Microbiology - isolation and culture of bacteria and fungi, bioassay, MIC, MOA
  • Scale-up and fermentation of bacterial and fungal cultures
  • Analytical chemistry, HPLC, LC-MS, NMR, structural elucidation
  • Antibiotic or oncology drug discovery
  • Natural product drug discovery