Now Hiring:

Associate Scientist - Microbiologist

We are currently seeking to hire microbiologists with 0 to 5 years of experience. The successful applicant will participate in discovery of previously unculturable microorganisms from soil and marine environments and their identification by molecular taxonomy methods.  Additional tasks will include detection of antibiotic production from these organisms and in vitro characterization of their properties, such as spectrum of activity, mechanism of action, resistance development and cytotoxicity.

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Synthetic Organic Chemist

We are currently seeking M.S. or Ph.D. candidates with experience in synthetic organic chemistry and a strong desire to design and synthesize new drug compounds derived from novel natural products. The ideal candidate will understand both synthetic and medicinal chemistry. The individual in this role will have the unique opportunity to lead exploratory and medicinal chemistry programs around our most interesting molecules.

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Project Manager - Drug Development

We are currently seeking B.S. or M.S. candidates with a minimum of 5 years as a Project Manager in preclinical and early clinical drug development at a pharmaceutical or biotech company. The ideal candidate will provide day-to-day management of preclinical/early clinical development of new drug compounds.

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Applicants in the following areas are encouraged.

  • Microbiology - isolation and culture of bacteria and fungi, bioassay, MIC, MOA

  • Scale-up and fermentation of bacterial and fungal cultures

  • Analytical chemistry, HPLC, LC-MS, NMR, structural elucidation

  • Antibiotic or oncology drug discovery

  • Natural product drug discovery